Work with our team of experts to realize the full potential of Viapps

Viapps offers a full suite of professional services and training to help your organization get on the road to success with the Virtual Appliance Factory solution. Our expertise in deploying complex enterprise infrastructure can help your team build strong skills and position you to successfully be independent long term.

Planning. Virtual Appliance Factory Roadmap

Every great journey needs a map. As you begin your Cloud journey, it is critical to have a well-defined roadmap and execution plan. Cloudware has specific methodologies to assist your team in documenting your current services infrastructure, defining and prioritizing goals, and making specific approach recommendations. This includes skills-readiness planning and developing a well-defined path to productive use.

Training and Skill Development

Our experts can train your team with an on-site Viapps Fundamentals class. The intent of this three-day introductory course is to develop a basic understanding of the Cloudware basic architecture solution, tools and API’s. The experience is focused on building hands-on skills that will develop core Viapps competencies

Custom Skill Development

In addition to our standard training courses, we offer customer-specific on-site skill development sessions. As opposed to the Viapps Fundamentals class, this approach is focused on solving customer-specific challenges and building Viapps problem-solving experience in your environment.

Project-Based Services. Consultancy

Our customers encounters unique scenarios and challenges on the path to installation of a Virtual Appliance Factory solution. Viapps can work interactively with your team on specific projects to define what is the best approach to achieve Cloud automation functionalities and maximize benefits

Viapps installation

Setup Viapps in the customer site with services like installation, configuration, customization or optimization of the solution to meet your needs. Other services can include a pre or post-implementation audit to make sure your Viapps deployment performs optimally

Viapps development

We develop specific functionalities that our customer are interested in, like integration with 3rd party platforms, ....

In general we develop specific features or add support for new services

Support service levels

 Depending of criticity of the service, there are different types of support services:


  Bronze Silver Gold
                                                        Response Time
High 2 business days 4 business hours 4 hours
Nolmal 2 business days 1 business days 1 business days
Low 2 business days 2 business days 1 business days
Support channel Web Portal Web Portal Web Portal/phone
Hours of coverage 10x5 10x5 24x7 (High criticity)
Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Number of Named Accounts 1 1 per CMI 1 per CMI