Viapps an opensource Virtual Appliance Factory solution

Viapps in an automation solution that support full live cycle of infrastructure services on Cloud environments, reducing very significantly time and resources needed to implement and operate these services.
Solution allows to create, install, config, update, admin, monitor and audit services like Firewalls, DNS/DHCP/NTP Servers, HTTP Proxy, SMTP Gateways and IP LoadBalance (more services are comming).
It is based on opensource components like Chef Server and own development, is compatible with main Cloud infrastructure technologies like VMWARE, Openstack, Cloudstack and open Nevula .
Extensible, it is posible to easily add new functionality and integrate with other platforms with a powerfull RESTful API

general architecture VAPPS
general architecture VAPPS

CMI (Central Management Interface)

The basic component of the solution, it allows centralizing management of every component. CMI components are:

  • CMI API Rest: API in charge of the backend tasks such as authentication management, installation, configuration, Vms backup,...
  • CMI Portal: web client in change of interacting with the CMI API. Based on dojo toolkit, it guarantees the maximum compatibility with HTML5 browsers and also a functional and attractive design
  • Chef Server: component in charge of executing recipes for installations of different flavors, allowing to create complex services configurations on the basis of recipes programming.
  • YUM repository:  rpm packages repository which is used as the source of installation of different nodes. It works with the standard Red Hat/Centos yum. This way there is no need to have nodes’  Internet connectivity.
  • Rsylog: Log central server of all the administration nodes for CMI. Thus it is possible to consult all the nodes logs in real time.
  • CMI Command Broker: in charge of the  unattended platform tasks.
CMI components
CMI components

Full Live Cycle Support

CMI allows the following main tasks:

Installation: The suply process begins from the CMI, and it relys on Chef Server to send all required recipes to VM in order to install the firewall server

  • Basic Configuration: The configuration needed to start working. This is executed by Chef Server with data provided by CMI.
  • Advanced Configuration: Applying rules by default, applying security policies, providing interfaces, paths,... It is all will be execute from CMI
  • Updating: Applying every kind of updating to the software base, SO as much as Applications like shorewall and others..... Recipes will be sent from Chef Server. Privated RPM repository will be used.
  • Administration: SO as well as Firewall Service configuration management. Creation of rules, objects, atributes, etc...
  • Monitoring: Plattform and Service Monitoring, updating , updating status, etc...
  • Audit: Logs concentration of the different nodes, validating configuration, access, etc... 
Full Life Cycle Support
Full Life Cycle Support

CMIX (Central Management Interfrace Express)

CMIX is based in a minimalistic CentOS very secure and fast. 
All nodes of Service are based on the CMI Express Architecture, which allows the whole management could be done from the CMI. Moreover, in case of emergency, it could be administrated through CMIX-Portal componet directly

The nodes use chef-client to execute the necessary installations depending on the kind of the node. As well as the modules Portal and API required and base software necessary will be installed depending on the type of the node  
The kind of nodes or Flavors existing are:  

  • Managed Firewall: Stateful Firewall with central management through CMI, HA, QoS, path balancing,...
  • HTTP Proxy: Support to accelerate contents, contents filtering, authentication and authorization,...
  • SMTP Gateway: SMTP mail relay, contents filtering, authentication, Antivirus/Antispam,...
  • IP Load Balance: IP Load Balance with support for TCP/UDP protocols balancing,...
  • DNS/DHCP/NTP Server: Basic Network Services such as DNS/DHCP/NTP, DNS primary/secundary/forwarder, integration between DNS y DHCP,support for DHCP failover,...


CMIX Components detail
CMIX Components detail